Wednesday, August 27

a lot of this, a lot of that

I haven't posted in a few days, not for lack of ideas, but for a lack of coherent ideas. I'd like my stories and posts to flow a little better with a common theme, or even just a point, but that usually doesn't happen here. Organization is not my strong suit, even in my thought processes. But do you know where my strengths do lie (as I discovered today)? In killing wasps. I've written on here about wasps a time or two, so you know we've got a wasp problem. Today at the pool, innocent little Tyler was trying to eat his lunch and a few wasps just kept flying around him, scaring him. So I picked up a flip-flop and proceeded to swat at them. By the second one I had figured out their flight patterns and such, and continued to kill 8 total. At that point I realized that they were multiplying faster than I could kill them, and Tyler was done with his lunch, so I just got in the pool and left the wasps for the others to kill. But I have to say, it felt GOOD to kill those wasps--they had it coming to them.

Speaking of Tyler and bugs, do these fake ladybugs scare you? No, I didn't think they would. They do terrify Tyler though. So you can imagine what we've been doing with them the past few days. Putting them under his plate at dinner, on his sippy cup, on his head, near a toy he wants, etc., etc. Jeremy did draw the line at putting it in his bed though, we do want the child to sleep.
Also, we got t.p'd. Thanks Kole and Dorothy! It made me feel young again, even though I was only the recipient.

Jeremy's family got together at a lake over the weekend and we finally got to go wake boarding. And I've been paying for it ever since. Soooo much fun, soooo much pain.

Also, the kids and I made sugar cookies, which we rarely do because I eat them all within a two day period. Really good sugar cookies are one of my weaknesses. But I taught Tyler how to cut out shapes with the cookie cutters, so every time he would make one, he'd put the cookie cutter down, push on it with all his strength, and say "PUSH!", except he sounded like he really was working on pushing something out.
Also, about a hundred times a day I hear him say, "see? watch mom!" and then I watch him jump off some object he's found to stand on.
I've signed Alexis up for gymnastics, they start next week. She's really excited to walk on a "balance bean", so hopefully they let the four year olds do that.

We've also been swimming every day, trying to get our fill in before they close the pool. Alexis can really swim! And when I say swim, I really mean it. She kicks her legs and uses her arms and it actually looks like swimming rather than drowning, like it used to. She still doesn't have the strength to do it for long periods or to get high enough out of the water to get a good breath, so I still have to watch her close, but it's pretty amazing. I'll try and get a video of it this week so you can all see.

That's enough of an update, I hope it wasn't too boring. I'm trying to keep my mind off the fact that summer is almost over, and we're trying to take full advantage of the warm weather. But mostly I just spend my days marveling at the fact that these two beautiful creatures came from me. It's beyond amazing.


Karly said...

You figured out their flight pattern? You ARE amazing. Seriously, I'm in awe. Tyler was lucky to have you as your mom.
Your kids are so adorable. I love, love that last picture! They look so sweet and innocent. You're so lucky to have such beautiful kids. :)

The Shill Spill said...

What it would feel like to be young again...especially since I am typing most of this with one hand...which makes me feel REALLY old.
What a good update. Lots of fun and exciting new things going on at your house. :) I must admit, though, that I am surprised Tyler is afraid of anything. He's the boy-est boy I know out there. :)

Alexi & TyGuy's G-PA said...

It's all, the kids, the fact that swaps have flight patterns, the cute but horrifying plastic beetles, and Jeremy's small, but measurable restraint when it comes to child torture.

Becky said...

Thanks for killing all those wasps the other day and I also want to say that you are so organized! At least when it came to scouting you were. I totally admired that about you when we worked together. I was seriously impressed so I was surprised to see you write that. The pic at the end is so cute!