Wednesday, July 16

more of the same

See this sweet face?

Try picturing it screaming:


Now welcome to my world.

My brain knows, KNOWS, that in order to be a good mom I cannot be her best friend (although maybe someday we can be when she's grown and her children are yelling the same things at her.) My brain knows that, but my heart is another matter. And it aches when she yells this at me. Because though I may not be her best friend, she is still mine. How am I supposed to handle these situations unemotionally?? I say it's not possible.

This morning after swimming she threw a HUGE, and I mean HUGE, fit because I wouldn't let her pick what shirt to wear. Never mind that I let her pick the shorts and the underwear, she just had to pick the shirt. So she spent a lot of time locked in her room crying and screaming and carrying on. And I cancelled everything we had planned, because part of the plan was to be babysat by grandma...and that is too much fun for behavior like that. So now we'll take a nap, after she's done with lunch. Which by the way, she requested "butter and frenchy and sugar and toast", and she just told me, "thanks mom, this is yummy. I love you mommy. Mom, I love you."

I tell ya, I've been on better roller coasters than the one we seem to be riding right now.

p.s. thanks for your encouraging comments from the last post. I could still use them if you've still got more to say


The Shill Spill said...

Ever since Jake saw the 'mean mom' come out this morning after aerobics...he's been quite mellow. (I am very thankful for that right now.)
But, alas, I am sure there will come another moment in today's schedule where I'll have to get after him again...and it will just never end. We just have to hope and pray that the things we are teaching our children stick at some point in their lives...after much nagging and disciplining...that they will make us proud and we will see that all these hard days were worth the heartache and roller-coaster-ness.
Do you want to know what one of my favorite quotes is? (I learned it when I was in college - in one of my Family Science classes.) My professor said to us: As a parent you must "Pick and choose your battles." When they are independent and want to do their own things -- like pour their own juice, pick their own outfits, or whatever...we must decide what is most important to discipline and what is just them trying to assert their independence as a 'big kid.'
Good luck Lis! You're doing GREAT!

Kevin said...

You sure do have your hands full. I thought they weren't supposed to yell that stuff at us until they were teenagers!

Merrick said...

I don't even know what to say, except I'm so sorry! And seriously...that babysitting offer is still on the table :)

Karen said...

I feel your pain. Sounds like you are doing everything that I know already, so if you figure something out, let me know, because Preston seems to be in about the same stage of life!! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

tell her "well, you're not my child, some aliens left you here. your dad and I have been considering turning you over to the government for you still want to throw a fit?"

Kole Winters said...

haha, I like that the last comment was left anonymously!