Sunday, July 6

6 years

6 years ago today, Jeremy and I got married. I don't want to get all mushy on you guys again, or quote another kids song (though "You Are My Sunshine" would work nicely), so I'll mostly just post pictures and you can all laugh at how young--and skinny--we looked. But first, in lieu of writing Jeremy a card ('cause I didn't get around to that) I will say that I am about 80% aware of how lucky I am. It amazes me everyday that while there are so many horrible marriages with men who take the commitment of marriage lightly, I've got an amazing husband. Jeremy loves me and he shows it. And I say I'm only 80% aware because I'm sure he does more for me and makes more sacrifices for our family than I currently know. He is truly more than I deserve. I'd also like to mention that we've both got parents who are approaching their 30th anniversaries and have been great examples to us of what a marriage takes and the proper way to treat your spouse. So thanks for that! Now onto the fun stuff. This was before digital hit it huge, so these are scanned in pictures...not the best quality.

I think that nice fat rock accentuates our skinniness, don't you?

ewww, kissing

Every time I look at this picture I just wish that I had rolled a marble or something down the train because to me it looks perfect for sliding something down. Weird, I know. Oh, and I also think "what a pretty dress!"

Pondering our future life together. Or thinking, "i hate cheesy poses!"

Look how young! This picture should teach you that I'm the kind of girl who's not afraid to squat in a wedding dress.


The Shill Spill said...

Happy Anniversary guys! (That makes me sad that I even interupted your day. Sorry about that.)
I definitely like that you have your tennis shoes on! :) (I did the exact same thing on my wedding day!) :) (Not to mention...I wore them to my bridals too.)
You guys loook great! I can't believe how light of a color your hair is. And, I am muy impressed with the squat. Those are the kind of poses I like! Who wants to be under a veil, looking off into the distant, waiting for the camera to snap a picture? Not me! That's for sure! :)

Karly said...

Happy Anniversary!! I can't believe it's been 6 glorious years for you two! I love looking back at the pictures of how young you guys were. And you were just as amazing back then as you are today. (Well, except I don't see you as often as I did back then, but I'm sure you're still pretty cool.) Congrats on your amazing marriage and your beautiful children. I remember going to Jeremy's shows and catching you guys making out in the front room. ;) (The two not related) You guys are awesome and will be such a great example to your children. Love you guys!!

shellybellybee said...

Happy Anniversary! Did you get married in Bountiful? It's funny that we're already in the stage where we look back at our wedding and say, "Look how young and skinny we were."

Rachel & Todd said...

Great pictures! It is cool to see you in your younger days...Happy Anniversary!

Jessica M said...

Cute! We miss y'all.