Thursday, June 12

A lesson on proper bathtub attire

Yesterday I put Alexis in the bath in my room while Tyler was napping. However, he woke up earlier than expected, and since he loves baths I tried to hurry and get Alexis out before I had to endure too much whining from him. But to my surprise he didn't whine about getting in at all, so I quickly did something else for a second. Then I hear Alexis call, "mom, Tyler got in the bath!" He does know how to climb in the tub, but he doesn't know how to get undressed, which explains this:

If you can't tell, he's saying "cheese" as I took this picture. He saw nothing wrong with this. Here's a short video too.

I also have a HILARIOUS video of these two in the bath the other night, but since this is public and I'm not sure who reads it, and they are both actually naked in this one, I'm not posting it. But if you are a friend and are at my house sometime, ask me and I'll show it to you. 'Cause it's awesome!


shellybellybee said...

HAHAHA, I love how he says, "pants," in the video. So funny.

The Shill Spill said...

I love it! I am glad that he knows he's not crazy! :) He just knows what he likes! :)
By the way, I want to see your other video some time. :)
I am so glad you caught this moment on camera. :)

The Adamson Chipmunks said...

That is so funny and so darn cute! I am glad that you have a "crazy" child as well! :)

Jessica M said...

Ha! Nice!