Monday, June 2

I've got no creative title for our trip to Iowa. So there.

We're back after 8 days, 3000 miles, 5 states, every kind of weather imaginable, and 1 very full memory card. Our trip went well, but if I never ride in a car again it will be too soon. We drove to Iowa to visit Jeremy's family. While we were there Jeremy's brother graduated from high school, Jeremy went to Chicago for a Cubs game, Jeremy and I went to Nauvoo, and Jeremy's family packed up their house and moved to Utah. It's good to be home, though it seems we've brought some sort of cold-slash-major allergies with us. I had about 7 places to go today and here it is, 1:15 pm and we are all still in our pajamas. So much for being productive, so I might as well blog. We took about 150 pictures but I'll spare you and only share a few.

Here's a list of things I learned, realized, or remembered on this trip.

1. I am not a good night driver. Especially when it is snowing and the white drops of snow also look like the horribly faded white lines on the highway.
2. I hate the state of Wyoming and don't plan on going there ever again. We'll just skip around it if we ever need to head east.
3. When Alexis is sleep deprived she can throw some pretty horrible fits, but only for me.
4. Tornadoes can be pretty exciting to think about and entertaining to try and watch, but aren't so cool when they actually hit down in a town not far from you.5. When I move, I want to have a moving company do it for me.
6. When the Chicago Cubs win they fly a white flag with a "W" on it. Also, they sell ice cream in little plastic blue Cubs hats at Wrigley Field.7. Nauvoo is a very pretty little town, with a great spirit. Every member of the church should go there and experience it.8. I am not very photogenic.9. Tyler would make a cute farmer.10. The Midwest has too much corn on their hands. They've had to come up with new creative uses for it all.11. Mt. Rushmore is actually very impressive. In fact, the whole southwest corner of South Dakota is very pretty and worth visiting. We hope to go back and camp there someday.12. I like to climb stuff.
13. Donkeys really like Chicken in a Biscuit crackers. And they'll stick their heads in your car if you open your window.
14. My kids are very good travelers, and also very cute.
I hope this post was not as boring as I'm afraid it is. My head really hurts so this is the best I've got in me right now. I'm just waiting for it (my head) to explode and put me out of my misery. Or maybe I'll just nap.


shellybellybee said...

Just wanted to let you know that your post was definately not boring. I know mine trip posts are always boring so I basically don't want to post about them, even though I do anyways. My point: I enjoyed reading about your trip post. Good post.

Jamie VanBeekum said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Glad you're back safely!

The Shill Spill said...

Sounds like you guys had a blast! (Awesome pictures, by the way!) My favorites? The donkeys...of course, and the fact that you are halfway across the car...trying not to let them lick you, or bight you. :) (I seriously laughed out loud at that picture! Hillarious!)
Second, that one of Alexis is amazing! Those are the type of pictures that make me stare at them for a very long time! Very good 'in the moment' picture! Gotta frame that one Lis!
Third...Farmer Tyler! I looooooooove it! He definitely would make a cute and very good farmer, I am sure!
So glad you guys are back and safe! So glad the snow didn't get mistaken for the little white lines down the middle of the road, and so glad you didn't come back with Corn growing out your ears! :)

Darla said...

funny funny as usual. Your blog is so entertaining lIsa. Mine's so boring. Maybe I'll do a "all about my mommy" list with Dayne. That'd be hysterical. Your kids are so cute and the pic of you and Jeremy is worth framing. He lOVES you! so sweet. You're so creative. (:

Karly said...

What a fun trip! Yes, Tyler would make the cutest farmer, your kids are cute, and yes you are photogenic. And wow, Mt. Rushmore! It almost looks fake, like you photo shopped your family pic in front of the mountain. :) But I believe you...don't worry...

Kole Winters said...

Oh crap you went to Iowa and I even talked to you today and didn't ask. I'm a terrible person. But I'm sorry, and I'll see you tomorrow. I want to hear all about it. REALLY!

maren out my laundry said...

not boring at all! I wish I could make this as entertaining as you!! what a fun trip, glad you didn't have as many troubles this time as last!

Muriel said...

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