Wednesday, April 23

exclusive princess club

Starting with the day we brought Alexis home from the hospital (which is where babies come from if you ask her) she has slept with a little stuffed bear and a pink stuffed pig. They were named Bear and Pig respectively. She seemed to love them equally until she was about 2. Then one night when I went to check on her I saw that Pig was on the floor out of her crib, so I picked him up and put him back in. This happened the next several nights in a row. Finally one night after doing that Alexis woke up in the middle of the night and started crying. Why? Because Pig was in her bed. And ever since then he's been banned from sleeping with her. Sometimes we'd try to slip him in there just to make her mad, which worked, and she'd yell that Pig had to sleep on the ground or out in the hall. I do wish I knew what Pig did to make Alexis dislike him, but I don't think I ever will. I know how Pig must feel though cause one time I had these two really good friends and after awhile they started doing stuff without me because they loved each other and wanted to get married. Psh, like that's a reason.

And then for Christmas this last year Alexis got a set of 7 Disney Princesses, but she only played with 6 of them. Jasmine was never allowed to go anywhere with us or play any of the princess games. We can speculate on why Alexis dissed her, maybe it was her immodest clothing, maybe it's because she's not wearing a dress like the others, maybe it was because her doll face is twice as big as the other princesses. I'm sure we'll never know why exactly, but I'm happy to report that after 4 months of exclusion she is now allowed back with her friends.

Lately Alexis has been lining up all her princesses and having what she calls "Princess camping school". The figure you see at the bottom of the picture below is named "Mattie" and she is an honorary princess, because she is actually a Noah figurine from a dollar store set. I think it's very appropriate that Alexis chose that one as the teacher.
She lines them up as shown, and then talks to them, reads books to them, puts them to bed and protects them from Tyler who knocks them over, and Jeremy who throws balls at them. Ironically there is one princess missing from this picture (Tyler's fault, not Alexis'), and you can give yourself a big pat on the back if you can guess who she is.

I'm hoping Alexis outgrows this exclusion thing before she gets to school and makes her own little group of friends, 'cause in my book, exclusion just ain't cool. And neither is looking like any of these princesses after camping for 5 days.


TripletsRus said...

I want to go to the princess camping school. Sounds fun.

hey, send me your email to for an invite to my blog that I just made private. Since I know you through Karly I will invite you.

Anonymous said...

umm, the hot red head. Ariel. hottest one of all. if tyler stole her, he's got good taste.

Lisa said...

ding ding ding ding ding!

shellybellybee said...

OH wow, she is the funniest girl. I laughed out loud the whole time I was reading that. Does Pocahontas not count as a princess? She's missing that one too.

Lisa said...

in all the disney princess stuff I've seen, which is A LOT, I've never seen pocahontas. She technically wasn't a princess, but neither was mulan. Maybe her movie just isn't as popular.

The Shill Spill said...

Oh man...I guess I'm too late on the game. I would have guessed Ariel as well. Although, I couldn't recall who would be missing the first time I read this entry. Anyhow...very funny! And, by the way, if I looked like that EVER before or after camping...then you know something is probably wrong with me. (Because I never do.) That is all.