Monday, March 17

the next weekend

Oh my creative naming ability astounds me. "the weekend", "the next weekend", I should get a job naming stuff.

So this past weekend we went to St. George sans children. It was a good weekend, full of eating food and doing fun stuff outside. As a result I gained a few pounds and I'm avoiding balancing the checkbook today. Here are some pictures along with my ever so witty commentary. This is not a DVD, there is no option of viewing with the commentary turned off, besides, why would you want to?

Here's J and I overlooking St. George at night. He's looking in my pocket for some fudge or money. Unfortunately I ate it all and spent it all.

St. George's red rocks are great for climbing on...or in. Jeremy found this little hole and asked if I could get in there. Obviously I did. It will be a sad day when I'm old and can no longer climb into little holes. Or too fat because of fudge.

To borrow a phrase from Alexis: "What the heck?" That's me and my sister-in-law Shandy, in what she calls "the crack". I don't know if that is it's real name or if that's what she's dubbed it, but it's a tiny space between two rocks probably about 100 feet long. If you are much bigger than me, you probably won't fit. And if your nose is even 1/8" longer than mine, you won't be able to turn your head while in there. Sorry, it's kind of an annoying picture to view. Click on it and it will be larger and easier to see.
Here we are looking victorious, straddling "the crack" to show that we conquered it. Now that we've gone through, we can go back to eating fudge. (To clear up any confusion, we walked through the crack, we did not climb up it.)

Here's me rock climbing. Yep, I climbed up there. First I sat on Jeremy's shoulders, then he hoisted me up there and I held on for the 3 seconds required to take this picture.

Then Jeremy climbed up this little rock and I took a picture to prove that he was on the trip too. I would have helped him get up but I had fudge on my fingers. And he didn't need it.
We also did other fun stuff like rollerblading, tennis, swimming, shopping, bike riding and of course GOLF. Well, I didn't do that but I was supportive of it. And all this fun would not have been possible without my parents and sister and Deanna watching the kids. I was very happy to see them when we got back, especially because no one cut Tyler's hair while we were gone. And thanks to Justin and Shandy for inviting us, and for Shandy's parents letting us use their house.

Stay tuned next week for a post titled "the next next weekend" which will include a report of our upcoming trip to the "city of sin", where no sinning will be done by us.


The Shill Spill said...

It looks as though you had TONS of fun! (Way to enjoy a weekend without any children!)
By the way, Jake now thinks we need a Rhino "car." He thought that was pretty neat. He wanted to go over to your house on our way home and ride in it. :)
Have a good 'next, next weekend!' :) Try to get yourself over to the Tropicana and enjoy their breakfast buffet. If that's not your gotta go to the ESPN zone and get a skillet cookie with hot fudge and icecream for me! :)

Karly said...

Who would want to skip that fantastic commentary with all that fudge talk? Not me.
Well I'm in the city of sin at this very moment. Too bad it's not the same "next, next weekend" that we're both here. Maybe another weekend? Hm, that could be a good title for you too. And I think you should do what the shill spill said, and get that cookie. It sounds delicious! Afterall, it does have hot fudge. :)

Karly said...
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Karen said...

That looks like fun! Except, the picture of you in the "crack" makes me claustrophobic just looking at it, but everything else looks fun! Fudge sounds good too. :)

Rachel & Todd said...

Dang...looks like nice weather and good times! It is so great to get away for the weekend and "be kids" yourself! Looks like lots of fun.

TripletsRus said...

Ok, I am totally craving fudge now!

I found your blog from Karly's. So, I thought I would stop by and say hi to all her friends and in-laws!

Sounds like you had a great time without the kids. I could use a mini vacation soon! Just hubby and I!