Wednesday, January 9

the worst word in the english language

Any guesses? If you have a toddler you might know.


Now you are going to ask it: "Why?"
Really? Couldn't you have said, "how come", or "please explain yourself"?

I am going insane.


Because Alexis is going through a phase and says that horrible word A LOT.


Because she's three and she's curious.

Oh, like George is curious. Why is she curious and why is George curious?

Because he likes to learn about everything he sees, and so does Alexis.

Why is he a monkey and Alexis is a girl?

Because that's how he was born.

Why is Alexis a girl?

Because that's how she was born.


Because Heavenly Father made her that way.


Because he knew she'd be a good girl.

Why is she a good girl?

Because she eats all her dinner and she never asks her mom why again.


Because mom is tired of using her brain.


Because she is getting old and it can't keep up with the constant stream of chatter and rapid fire questions.


BECAUSE! Now, quick, go find your brother.



Anonymous said...

my favorite moments are when she asks "Why?" and the question doesn't make any sense because you stated more than one fact. For example, suppose you said, "So i went to the grocery store and they didn't have any of my favorite drink and i got upset." and she asks "Why?" Why did i get upset? Why did i go to the grocery store in the first place? why is it my favorite drink? Why didn't they have my favorite drink?

you should be proud that she says Why as opposed to How Come. the latter is for children, the former is for educated adults.

shellybellybee said...

lol, I'm so sorry, but that was really entertaining.

The Shill Spill said...

Love the entry!
Amen Sister!