Thursday, November 1

brought to you today by my 3 year old

Don't let the title confuse you, Alexis is not writing this post. It's just inspired by her.

Lately we've been playing a funny game at our house named by Alexis, "You be wrong and I be right". She called it this because she hasn't yet figured out that moms are always right. This is how we play. Everytime she puts different clothes on (so at least twice a day) she says, "okay mom, you be wrong and I be right". That means I then have to pretend that she needs to put her pants on her arms and her shirt on her legs. And then she'll say, "no, you're wrong mom, let me show you". To which I respond, "no, I don't think you're right, it doesn't go like that". And then when the object of clothing fits the way it was designed I act shocked and amazed. We've been playing for a few weeks now and she hasn't gotten sick of it yet. It's actually been good to play because it lets her feel like she has more control.

And for fun, here's a list of the things she's asked about their ability to pee. Sheep, cows, spiders, and monkeys. She says none of them pee, they "just walk around". Leave it to Alexis to make me lie awake at night wondering if spiders really do pee. Do they?

Halloween pictures to come later, and maybe even a video!


Anonymous said...

alexis is right. spiders do not pee, at least not in the sense that the word is meant. spiders do get rid of waste product, but they do it the same way snakes do--through the same opening that it came in, and its usually a solid, not liquid.

but she's wrong that spiders just walk around. they creep and climb.

Lisa said...

that is disgusting. I guess you've given me something new to think about tonight.

The Shill Spill said...

Ahahahah! How funny! I'm glad you have the patience enough to do such things over and over. :) Although, I think it's very very cute! :) Probably exactly what Alexis needs to feel like she has some control in her life.