Sunday, October 28

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More pictures.
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We had a busy week, here's a small update.

Tyler climbed in the toy box AGAIN. How he does this is a mystery to me. I'm always in the room when he gets in there, yet I never know when he's doing it. I would think with his short little legs he would have to hoist himself up on his stomach and kind of flip into it. And that seems like it would make a lot of noise as his head hits the assortment of toys in there, yet he doesn't make a sound. It's very cute to discover him there because he's pretty proud of himself and shows it with a big old grin.

Jeremy and his employees went to a corn maze and Alexis got to tag along. She had a lot of fun except when she lost her spider ring. And it sounded like her dad had a lot of fun with her.
I'm not sure because I wasn't there, but if I know Alexis, in this picture she's rubbing that wheat in Jeremy's face and saying "Dad, I'm going to feather you". In case you don't know, Feathering someone is when she takes anything that looks like a feather ( soft or not) and brushes it in your face while saying "feather feather feather".

While those two were out tromping through the corn, Tyler and I went to pack meeting. My Webelos put on a Halloween themed puppet play that they had written and made the puppets for. It was pretty funny, but it wouldn't be if I tried to explain why it was funny. So just take my word for it.

Jeremy's also started playing with his band the brilliant stereo mob again. He says he needs to work out his arm muscles and get faster since it's been awhile since he's played, so he's constantly tapping things with his drumsticks. Which means Tyler and Alexis were constantly tapping things with drumsticks too. Notice I said were. That ended once Tyler tapped-slash-whacked me in the head with the drumstick.

On Friday my mom and I processed a whole box of delicious apples. Now we have lots of jars of delicious applesauce and delicious apple pie filling.

On Saturday I had a much needed day off! I went to Park City with my friend Dorothy and shopped at the outlet stores. Normally I'm not a huge shopper, but since I don't actually do it that often these days, and since I didn't have any kids with me it was a lot of fun! I got some new clothes and shoes and had lunch at a fun little restaurant and drove my dream car. Since it's mucho cheapo for Jeremy to rent cars we do it fairly often, and for me this weekend he rented a Nissan Maxima, which is my most favorite car ever!

And it sounds like Jeremy had a fun day with the kids too. Our ward had a "trunk-or-treat" and he had to help with a fishing booth, so he got the kids in their costumes and took them up to the church and only lost one of them once! And as far as I can tell they had a good time. This is the report Alexis gave me, in her words. "I saw Jordan (a guy in our ward) and I said, 'hi jordan cabordan'. And I saw a guy with blood all over him." Sounds like a good time to me. Here's the magnificently strong Angel Alexis with Superman Jake. He looks a little mad, or is he scared of all her muscles?And I'm pretty sure in nature if a giraffe picked on a lion the way Tyler is picking on Hayden, he wouldn't survive long. Shelly, we have a kajillion pictures of these two together that are really cute, let me know if you want them. We also have some of Alexis and Jackson too.
Then this morning for church we put Tyler in this new blue shirt I bought that is actually too big for him. I guess it reminded Jeremy of gangsters who wear clothes too big for them, so instead of changing him Jeremy decides to make things worse. He slicked all of Tyler's hair back...with gel. I had hoped it was water so it would eventually dry and go back to normal. It almost made him look like a different kid, too much like Macaulay Culkin for my taste, but Jeremy liked it.
I've got to go to bed, six a.m. comes too quickly. We've got another busy week ahead but I doubt it'll have as many fun photo ops. Happy Halloween!


The Shill Spill said...

The gangster style is quite...okay, not so fitting. But, it's fun to see. :) I love the pictures. And, um, yah...Jake was a little upset. I think he was sick of taking pictures. He really didn't want his picture taken anymore. Sorry. I'll send you that picture of Alexis soon. (You'll get a kick out of it.) :) Thanks for the blog. :)

Bri said...

lisa-= you are hilarious! i love reading blogs-and now i have new entertainment. maybe now i will know how you all are doing- we both know your hubby is not great at keeping us posted to your happenings :)