Monday, September 24

the mac dad will make you JUMP JUMP

Here's the promised video of this guy:

In the video you'll see Tyler "jump". This is quite literally what he was doing ALL day yesterday, even at church. I'd advise that you don't have your volume turned up too high because he does a number of extremely high pitched screams. You'll also get to hear him say "yuck", which is his first word.

Sorry if that was boring for any of you, it was mainly intended for his grandma and grandpa that live in Iowa.

And once again, if you live anywhere near trees with leaves that change colors, go see them. Here's a picture to entice you. Jeremy took this over the weekend, and I think it's an awesome picture.

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The Shill Spill said...

Awesome picture of the leaves changing colors. :) That's a picture worth framing, I think. :) Love the video! :) That's soooo fun! I love that his first word is "yuck". :) Hahaha....yah, I think Jake's and Carson's first word was "ball".