Sunday, September 16


A few weeks ago Jeremy and I realized that this summer was the first summer in our married lives, and actually probably our whole lives, that we hadn't been camping. We decided we couldn't let that happen so we went camping this last Friday. Yes, we took our children. Why? Because we are crazy, or brave, if you want to be kind. Actually, overall things went pretty well. We were definitely tired the next day from a long night of not much sleep, but it was so fun to be together as a family, and Alexis and Tyler always seem to have fun playing together. As I was in the tent setting up our beds they were just being goofy and laughing with each other as they'd wrestle or roll around on the air mattress. It was one of those moments that mom's remember and helps make the harder times (kids screaming in the middle of the night) seem worth it. The next day we drove around the canyon some and it was so pretty because the leaves are starting to change. We took pictures but the bright reds and oranges didn't seem to show up as well on our camera. We'll probably drive up there again in a week or two to see them again. Here's some pictures, since I am practically incapable of posting without pictures.

The kids with the ever-present dirt on their faces.
One of the funny faces Alexis was making for the camera. I like it because it makes her look a little sloth like also.
Tyler sleeping in the car, something about the way he looks is just funny. Might be the hair.
The leaves changing, this picture definitely does not do it justice.


shellybellybee said...

That picture of Tyler is soo funny, I can't stop laughing, It's hilarious. Next year I'll be brave like you and try the outdoor experience with my children. It looks so pretty.

The Shill Spill said...

Wow! Way to go Super Parents! You surely were brave to do such a thing. The only time I went camping with my children was this summer....only because that's what my family reunion required. I don't mind camping...mind you. But, I think it's sooooo much work. Plus, Idaho nights make it soooo much more harder. (It's freeeeeeezing in Idaho during the night, even in the dead of summer.) So, way to go! I applaud you and Jeremy. :) Way to be good parents. :) Love the pictures too, by the way. :) Sloth girl gets an A+ from me! :) Hahahah

Lisa said...

I'm a dork leaving comments on my own blog but Tiff's A+ comment made me want to quote Michael Scott. For all those office fans, can you guess which episode this is from?

"I thought it'd be either an A or an A+ but I forgot about A++".

The Shill Spill said...

I don't remember....but, I totally remember him saying that. Was he evaluating himself on an interview or something? (For the new job, at the end of the season?) Tell me!